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Here is my strategic plan for the Southern Border.

Politicians WILL NOT do and say what needs to be said and done for fear of their personal electability. The Michael LaPierre Congressional Exploratory Committee believes in "Reclaiming America Without Fear" regardless of the electability factor!

I commit to the citizens of South Carolina that if I enter the Congressional race I [WILL] do and say what needs to be said and done!

For example, on the Southern Border public policy front, since the two current candidates for the congressional seat in South Carolina District 4 (Greenville and Spartanburg Counties) are short on specifics and long on rhetoric, let me CLEARLY DEFINE what a robust and meaningful conservative position is on our Southern Borders.


Let me recap in full some of the needed public policy relating to the border issue.

1. Formal Declaration of War on Mexican Drug Cartels

2. Establish a formal militarized no entry zone (NEZ)

3. Deport all illegal aliens (law breakers) on American soil

4. Reestablish Trump’s remain in Mexico immigration policy

5. STOP catch and release

6. STOP chain migration

7. Build a complete wall supported with the latest technology and drone capabilities

8. Remove birthright considerations for children of illegal aliens (law breakers)

Now, why haven’t you heard such comprehensive and bold plans like this before from your congressional candidates?

Because they want MAXIMUM WIGGLE ROOM and do not want to be held accountable to a detailed formal position.

Michael LaPierre Congressional Exploratory Committee
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