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Sweet Spot Politics

Political Solution #4 – SWEET SPOT POLITICS

Quick Summary

-Citizens must unite getting beyond the political dysfunction of their leaders
-Sweet Spot Politics is populist in nature and "We the People" friendly
-Sweet Spot Politics has a uniting effect vs. a dividing effect
-Sweet Spot Politics is collaborative in nature where everyone has a voice (decentralized and distributed power) vs. command and control
-Sweet Spot Politics educates, motivates, and inspires vs. manipulates, controls, and tears down

Full Detail

Taking a page out of the Donald Trump playbook, MAGA Candidate, Mike LaPierre, has recently chosen to establish a new type of political dominance in South Carolina politics.

It is called "Sweet Spot Politics."

Forced by the absolute self-absorbed, self-centered, and self-serving anarchy now taking place in American politics by her "so-called" political leaders, LaPierre has decided to by-pass the current dysfunctional political leadership model that is top down in nature, but rather, he prefers to engage in a decentralized and distributed brand of politics that is populist (We the People) in nature. Let me explain.

Most of the hatred, vitriol, and angst generated both inside and outside of one's choice of political parties happens because of their leaders. These self-absorbed, self-serving, and narcissistic leaders are the operatives who create much animosity, division, and hatred within party ranks to get their individual "slices" of political power. This approach is polarizing and does NOT move our county, district, state, or nation forward. This approach is self-serving vs. people serving.

These types of self-serving leaders are not interested in uniting their respective parties. These so-called leaders want to keep the party members at odds with one another so that they can remain relevant. Or, at a minimum, it gives them a “very limited” platform to throw grenades from the cheap seats and live out their childhood and/or Facebook fantasies.

The relevancy of these so-called leaders ONLY happens when they become the “anti-party voice” by creating deep seated division and disruption. Does this sound like some of the tactics Marxist ideologues use? Intimidation and control are the thuggery antics of choice.

I have had enough of this garbage. I am tired of leaders pushing and manipulating their followers from behind but would rather have a leader that sets the tone and leads from the front of the line focusing on party platform issues and political unity. We see these horrible, childish, nefarious, and EVIL antics between leaders of rival factions both within and without party lines on a daily basis. This type of EXTREME behavior is discouraging to a majority of its members.

If you are an independent thinker; do not have a club mentality; want to dig deep into the substantive public policy issues; and do not have an "affiliation need psychosis" to jump when the narcissist leaders of your faction say jump, Mike LAPIERRE is your type of candidate.

However, on the other hand, if you are the type of personality that likes to be led around by the nose by self-serving and power-hungry narcissists, keep doing what you’re doing. Simply put, most members do not want any of this CRAP! They are not interested in the hatred, vitriol, and child-like behavior of their narcissistic, power hungry, and unstable leaders, but rather, a majority want to UNITE!

When you peel down the layers from the ranks of party leadership on both sides of the isle, I believe that 80-85 percent are NOT interested in the political antics and games that divide us. These antics do nothing to move our respective parties forward, but simply act as incubator proving grounds to advance the thirst and lust for power by those who shouldn't be in positions of leadership in the first place. It is only the leaders and their immediate minions who propagate such nonsense and utter hypocrisy.

I am recommending a complete and total reformulation of how political leaders are chosen all across America. We MUST unite and not let leaders take us over the political abyss to nowhere. Our Founding Fathers despised this approach! They despised the two-system party politics!

On both sides of the political aisle, leadership has decided to control the flow of information; pick their candidate of choice outside of a free and fair selection process; enrich the pockets of their political allies; and shut out or shut down those who would challenge their authority. And if I might add, any of the subtle and slimy ways that they manipulate things to the points above.

If the shoe fits, wear it!

This is not America, this is "Stalin" like tactics. More on "Stalin" in subsequent posts. Think Stalin photo! These thugs are basically telling us to get on their train or their train is going to run you over. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

Fortunately, there are those of us who have the power of a very rich pen and reach over 20,000 people with our newsletter with the stroke of a keyboard. Another 10,000-20,000 with our posts. We are reaching good patriot citizens all across this great country.

God bless Greenville County, District 4, South Carolina, and the United States of America!

Your Populist Friend,


Committee to Elect Michael LaPierre
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