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The 40-Year Communist Reset

The 40-Year Communist Reset

Any student of history knows that we have a 40-year reset of exposing and then purging Marxists/Communists on our shores for ILLEGAL espionage and ILLEGAL subversive activity. Each is treasonous in nature and is punishable up to and including death.

We are about to enter into phase-3 of such a Communist reset in the next few years. Let me explain.

In the FDR administration during the 1930ies and 1940ies Communists had infiltrated the highest offices of our land. Alger Hiss, a known spy who conspired to establish multiple espionage rings in our government, was FDR's right-hand- man during the Yalta Conference. Hiss worked in the State Department and lifted many national security secrets for the Communists. He eventual went to jail along with many others who were EXPOSED for high crimes against the state.

The next round of EXPOSURE came after the lax Jimmy Carter era when Communists once again felt more secure to set up shop. However, once President Ronald Reagan assumed office the spies were once again rounded up and prosecuted. As we know Reagan also "took on" the Soviets and their evil empire in a very big way.

During the 1980ies there were many spies brought to justice. In fact, 1985 was called "The Year of the Spy." John Anthony Walker, Ronald Pelton, and Aldrich Ames were leading spies for the Communists that were EXPOSED, apprehended, and brought to justice.

Fast forward another 40 years to the Marxist leaning Joe Biden administration. Does anyone in their right mind not think that his administration is chock full of Communists?

There are three primary questions to be answered.

Are there Communists in the Joe Biden administration passing state secrets to our enemy?

How far up the chain of command and political power structure have they reached?

What influence are these spies wielding on public policy issues and national security?

Will there be a whistleblower or someone who will turn states evidence to identify these criminals?

If so, and if the answer to any of the aforementioned questions is, yes, how long will it take to EXPOSE and prosecute these spies?

Based on the Marxist leaning and progressive bent in the Biden administration, I am presupposing a 20X multiplier to the number of Communists in our government and a 100X multiplier for the level of damage done to our national security.

This is why I am recommending that we establish a U.S. House Committee on un-American Activity to ferret out all illegal espionage and illegal subversive activity.

The reset that I expect to come will help get us back to normalcy and safeguard our Constitution.

Committee to Elect Michael LaPierre
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