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The Great American Tradition - PRIMARY PROCESS

The Great American Tradition


It is with the greatest concern for a Great American Tradition that I share my heart with you today. Part of the long-standing tradition called the “Primary Process” was put in place for 2 specific reasons.

First, it allowed the COMPLETE vetting of the incumbent, forcing him/her to justify their voting records, comments made, public record, and any other information that would help voters to make good voting decisions.

Second, it allows those running against the incumbents an opportunity to voice their opinions, share their political insights, and ultimately cast a vision for how they would operate if elected.

Unfortunately, just the opposite took place in the South Carolina District 4 Republican Party Primary for the U.S. House in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties and it was OBVIOUS to the membership.

The establishment Republicans, news organizations, local political rags, and other  prognosticators/pontificators went into hyperdrive to protect a very weak and ineffective Congressman, William Richardson TIMMONS IV.

They circled the wagons around TIMMONS; cancelled the voices of opponents; failed to accurately RESEARCH and portray his positions; and worked in concert (collusion) to protect the ineffective incumbent.

Why would you NOT want the primary process to unfold as designed? Why would establishment Republicans take a play out of the Democrat's cancel-culture playbook?

Answer: Raw power!

It is because of the refusal of the establishment Republicans to DO THEIR JOBS and let the primary process unfold as designed, that I will NOW do it for them and help them along the way.

Listed below are the 15 reasons why NOT to vote for the incumbent, William Timmons. He is the most ineffective congressman in District 4 since a Democrat held the office decades ago. His social agenda is EXTREMELY liberal like his mentor Lindsey Graham. As a result of his dismal record and lack of leadership, Timmons has remained virtually silent and untouched.

1. Soft on the social issues like transgenderism, drag queens, and other things that could harm our children. (listen to Charlie James audio and view Timmons’ congressional correspondence)

2. Cosponsored a CASINO Bill H.R. 8255 with the Marxist-Socialist leaning James Clyburn of the Democrat Party

3. It was reported by The Standard Newspaper that Timmons took $35,000 from the casino lobby in a “pay to play” scheme when he told us that he couldn’t be bought

4. Timmons would NOT agree to 3 no-holds-barred debates with Mike LaPierre but instead sought the safety of just 1 HIGHLY manipulated “forum” by the establishment Republicans

5. Timmons refuses to join the House Freedom Caucus which is the most conservative caucus in Washington, DC. Why? 

6. He says on YouTube that he votes with SQUAD member 5-10% of the time… REALLY?

7. Inexperienced William says on YouTube that getting an advanced liberal arts degree (Philosophy) is a poor return on investment

8. Timmons said on YouTube, and I quote, “I am NOT for Lindsey Graham” and then turns around and writes him a big fat campaign check and aggressively campaigns for Graham

9. Timmons said in a Palmetto House Republican Women’s group that the forerunner to our religious freedom, and I quote, is an “unproductive issue.” He thinks having a proper discussion and understanding of Separation of Church and State is an “unproductive issue” which are his words, not mine

  10. Timmons says on YouTube that he votes the way a majority of his constituents want him to vote. What does he do perform some kind of a referendum on each and every vote? Sounds like he supports a pure democracy instead of representative government to me  

11. Timmons voted to spend over $56 Billion on aid to the Ukraine while remaining silent on his legislative plans at our Southern Borders

12. Timmons selected a former professional poker player for his CHIEF OF STAFF

13. Timmons is on record saying, “I like the Infrastructure Bill because it creates jobs”  (that would be the $1 Trillion Marxist-Socialist Green New Deal Infrastructure Bill)

14. Timmons voted for ½ of the $1.5 Trillion Consolidated Appropriations Bill when conservatives Jeff Duncan and Ralph Norman voted NO-NO

15. To top is all off, Timmons has the 15th highest absentee rate in all of Congress (he simply does not show up to work)   

Why wouldn’t the establishment Republicans, news organizations, and political pundits want this information fully vetted? Why are they now character assassinating anyone who would dare bring these facts to the forefront?


Committee to Elect Michael LaPierre
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