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Understanding The WHY of Politics


Dear Supporters, Donors, and Republican Party Fellow Travelers,

I have come to the conclusion that any political wrangling that I might engage in, pales in comparison to the mighty power of God’s Word.

There is no amount of political logic, rhetoric, propaganda, political salvos, one-upmanship, and/or finesse that I can offer in the political arena that can truly satisfy the needs of humanity outside of God Almighty himself.

While I still do NOT understand God’s mission for me in the political space in the future, I must conclude that HE wants to use me in some significant capacity to reach people. That is why I formed the Michael LaPierre Congressional Exploratory Committee.

If my small contribution to posterity is to remind people of the “WHY” of our founding and helps to reinvigorate the consciousness of our plight by highlighting our American Vision Statement (The Declaration of Independence) where it plainly acknowledges the gift of our unalienable rights from a Creator-God, I will go to my long-awaited home in heaven a peaceful man.

At the time of this writing, the book of Ecclesiastes in God’s Word is fresh on my mind and so appropriate, that without God at the center of our lives, all is vain. We cannot be “amicus inanis mundi.”

May God bless and enrich your walk with him this glorious day in America!

Michael LaPierre Congressional Exploratory Committee
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